On-Demand Webinar

Scale Your Support Organization Using AI: 2020 Best Practices

Presented By:

Jason Mlyniec

Director, Field Operations, Coveo

Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Customer Service organizations have an opportunity to transform their operations with the power of AI. Digital-forward organizations understand the importance of self-service as the primary way customers expect to find information but also as the first line of defense for the support organization. 

Having an effective self-service experience is now becoming the norm and leading companies are now leveraging AI to bring scalability and personalization to their support sites so that each customer has relevant digital experience. 

Watch this webinar where we’ll discuss 3 best practices for scaling your self-service capability using AI: 
  1. Mapping your content & knowledge strategy
  2. Using analytics to build data-based customer profiles 
  3. Applying (and tuning) AI & machine learning to create personalization