Workplace Demo:

Rethinking the Digital Workplace of the Future

Duration: 40 minutes

Presented By:

Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

Wim Nijmeijer

Senior Solution Architect, Coveo

The way organizations handle the return to the new normal will define their futures. Workplace leaders need to rethink their digital strategies and rebuild for a flexible, adaptable, and agile work environment with a focus on knowledge management. Today’s employees shouldn’t have to work hard to find knowledge, and yet, research shows that employees are still jumping through endless numbers of applications, wasting over 26 days a year simply looking for information. 

Watch this webinar on-demand to rethink the workplace of the future and learn how, by using AI and smart technologies, you can create intelligent and scalable employee experiences that:  

  • Give employees a single “go to” portal that is personalized based on role & activity
  • Help employees find relevant HR & IT knowledge to get onboarded efficiently 
  • Augment departmental expertise by helping teams upskill quickly, in the flow of work 
  • Enable organizations to digitally transform without a costly system overhaul