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Preparing to Upgrade from GSA

Duration: 59 min

Presented by:

Mike Cizmar


Gauthier Robe

VP, Platform

As VP of Coveo’s Platform line of business, Gauthier Robe oversees the company’s Intelligent Search Platform and roadmap, including Coveo Cloud, announced in June 2015. Gauthier is passionate about using technology to improve customers’ and people’s lives. He has over a decade of international experience in the high-tech industry and deep knowledge of Cloud Computing, electronics, IoT, and product management.

Prior to Coveo, Gauthier worked for Amazon Web Services and held various positions in high-tech consulting firms, helping customers envision the future and achieve its potential.

Gauthier resides in the Boston area and has an engineering degree from UCL & MIT. In his spare time, Gauthier enjoys tinkering with new technologies and connected devices.

The Google Search Appliance is at end-of-life. What next? Get started on your upgrade process by getting your crucial questions answered from MC+A and Coveo for an open session to learn:

  • The common mistakes and challenges they have seen IT leaders like you struggle with in their GSA migration
  • The questions you need to ask your potential GSA replacement vendors
  • Real answers from experts for your questions about the GSA migration process, searching for a vendor, and more