Partner Enablement

Solution Scoping Workshop for Partners

Presented By:

François Verpaelst

Solution Architect


Jamie Laing

Technical Partner Manager

Coveo Thursdays: Partner Enablement Series

Calling all partner Solution Architects and Sales Engineers! Scoping is a challenging and essential aspect of the pre-sales process in order to provide a frictionless and successful customer implementation.

In this workshop, we will share specific examples and data around different sized Coveo implementations, so your team is prepared to tackle any Coveo project!

You will also be provided with important resources to help guide your scoping phases. This workshop is great for Solution Architects and Sales Engineers who haven’t yet attended one of our previous scoping workshops.

Register to learn how to:

  • Identify the number and type of resources needed during an implementation
  • Put together an ideal and accurate project timeline
  • Estimate the total revenues generated for implementation
  • Work with the Coveo Professional Services and R&D teams to have a successful deployment
  • Leverage our partner-designed project estimate calculators
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