Partner Enablement

Competitive Differentiation for Partners: Market Landscape + Positioning

Coveo Thursdays: Partner Enablement Series


Coveo Partners: this session is exclusively for you.

As technology leaders, you know and understand that not all technology is equal.

Different technology providers can have similar value propositions, but completely different capabilities, complexity, and rates of innovation.

This Coveo Partner Webinar is dedicated to answering the question: What makes Coveo unique in its competitive landscape?

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why is Coveo recognized as a market leader in search and journey orchestration? (*by analysts such as Gartner & Forrester)
  • How do Coveo features and benefits differ from other search & personalization platform providers?
  • What use cases can Coveo uniquely handle?
  • The goal of this session is to enable you to better identify and evaluate the right opportunities to generate more value with Coveo for your clients and prospects. .

    Walk away with an understanding of how you can differentiate Coveo's offering and create value for your customers.

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