Demo Webinar:

AI-Powered B2B Ecommerce Search

Reduce the friction in your digital buying experience

Presented By:

Maxime Martin

Product Manager at Coveo

Sheerine Reid

Director Product Marketing at Coveo

Your buyers are consumers first and are being conditioned everyday by intuitive digital shopping experiences - how can you level up

Watch this product demo session to learn how you can leverage AI-powered search & recommendations to deliver more frictionless buying experiences, at scale. You’ll see how you can inject intelligence into every interaction so customers get what they need quickly, and see relevant suggestions according to their site behavior and product restrictions. 

We’ll walk you through some of the key capabilities of Coveo for B2B Ecommerce, and explain how you can:

  • Enable customers to find everything they need faster within a single search - from product listings to support content
  • Create dynamic navigation paths to help them discover relevant products within complex catalogs 
  • Recommend products, knowledge articles, or video training that is powered by machine learning rather than hard coded rules
  • Gain insight about customer behavior, content gaps and search conversions