Make Support Personal:

Inject Relevance into Every Interaction

Duration: 44:57

Presented by :

Jennifer Macintosh

VP, Customer Experience

Jennifer MacIntosh has over 20 years experience working with high-tech and financial services companies helping them to establish, lead, and grow their Customer Experience and Knowledge Management practices.

Top Women Leaders in SaaS 2018

As VP of Customer Experience, Jennifer is an advocate for the customer who leads customer engagement, adoption and value realization of the Coveo solution. She is passionate about helping companies leverage self-service and reuse knowledge to improve the customer experience while managing their organizational costs.

Prior to joining Coveo, Jennifer was Founder and Principal of Okas Consulting, a global consulting practice and former Coveo partner. Jennifer has also held executive roles as a change agent who significantly improved the customer experience at Yahoo, Quest Software (Dell) and Cognos (IBM).

Jennifer has deep knowledge and expertise in Analytics, Customer Experience, Support, Self-Service, and Knowledge Management. She is a certified KCS Practitioner, Trainer and active industry contributor.

Jennifer resides in Ottawa with her family and in her spare time enjoys painting abstract art.

John Ragsdale

VP of Research, Technology and Social


As your business scales, manually tracking, updating, and surfacing the right knowledge to your customers in a personalized, relevant manner quickly becomes unmanageable. This can lead to inconsistent and unreliable experiences for your customers and places unnecessary burdens on your support staff. Smarter, automated, and more scalable user experiences are necessary to get ahead.

Join TSIA and Coveo for a prescriptive webinar that will reveal how to inject relevance into your support experiences at every customer interaction. We’ll demonstrate how companies are using AI-powered search and insights to leverage the intent and information behind every touch point of the customer journey to drive contextual, personalized, proactive experiences that result in:

  • Improved self-service success and case deflection.
  • Coherent and unified interactions across all support channels.
  • Better content strategy and user experience decisions based on data.

You’ll also get a peek at the AI-powered support strategies that pacesetter companies like Salesforce, VMware, and Informatica are using to achieve relevance at every touchpoint.