Optimization at Scale:

Leveraging AI to improve digital experiences

Duration: 48 min

Presented by:

Simon Langevin

Director of Product Management, Coveo for Commerce

Simon Langevin is the Product Manager for Coveo for Sitecore. He has previously been a Solution Architect and led the Coveo for Sitecore Technical Support team. Through these years with Coveo, he has seen the solution used in a wide variety of contexts. He now ensures that partners and customers are using Coveo for Sitecore at its full potential.

Simon has a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a certificate in Computing from Laval University.

He is a Sitecore Professional Developer since 2014 and part of the Coveo family since 2013.

Optimization at Scale: leveraging AI to improve digital experiences

Conventional marketing wisdom dictates that we must test, refine and retest our messages and offers continuously to ensure that they resonate and that our tactics convert to leads or sales. And those that perform well, we repeat and refine, and those that don't we retire or rework. It's the key to successful marketing, and it's a tedious and resource intensive process. Or is it?

Today's leading marketers are harnessing the power of technology, and specifically, AI and machine learning, to automate testing and refinement of messages on their websites and digital properties. And they are doing it a scale never before possible. With the help of A/B testing capabilities, pipelines and machine learning, AI-powered search can gather insight from every single visit and interaction, analyze several micro-points of data, assess what content, messages and assets perform best for different users, and then automatically boost them for similar audiences. And it doesn't take a huge team of marketing interns and analysts to do it, nor does it takes months of sifting through spreadsheets. In this session we'll explore how your marketing organization can leapfrog the competition by leveraging machine learning to deliver testing and optimization at scale to ensure your website produces the results you need.