How VMware Delivers Effortless Self-Service for 75000 Partners

Duration: 35 min

VMware relies on its ecosystem of more than 75,000 partners to grow its business. Its challenge was to make it easy for partners to self-serve and access on-boarding and sales enablement content through its online community.

Watch this webinar recording from Salesforce to hear how VMware uses Coveo to power its partner community in order to:

  • Give 450,000+ users easy access to the content they need – regardless of where it resides
  • Reduce support inquiries by showing every partner the content that’s most relevant to them
  • Continually measure and optimize self-service success, with actionable analytics and machine learning

You’ll learn how VMware turned its partner community into a one-stop hub for partners to access all the information they need to succeed.

Presented by:

Josh Rios

Partner Productivity Manager at VMware

Tucker Hall

Director, Product Marketing at Coveo

Kimberley Zatlyn

Senior Product Marketing at Coveo