On-Demand Webinar

From Simple Search to Relevance: Evolving to the Cloud

Duration: 50 min

“Coveo has enabled us to be more strategic about our website’s content offerings and has helped our members find the valuable resources we are creating.“ - Stephanie Yamkovenko, AOTA’s Digital Editor

The American Occupational Therapy Association can offer a better site experience to its members by evolving to Coveo for Sitecore Cloud Edition and using Coveo Machine LearningTM to predict visitor behaviors and recommend the most valuable content to meet their needs.

To learn more about machine learning capabilities and how you can use them on your own site, view the webinar for a best practices session and overview of the benefits of the Coveo for Sitecore Cloud Edition:

  • Deliver a personalized experience to your site visitors by providing relevant content
  • Understand user expectations for your website search experience - and how to meet them without a major website overhaul.
  • Make more informed content decisions by identifying gaps and improving taxonomies to increase findability.