Upcoming Webinar

Explore how AI can help your contact centers thrive during uncertain times and beyond

12pm - 1pm BST | 60 minutes

This Lunch n Learn will provide you with the understanding of how:

  • To make relevant company knowledge accessible to your customers with AI-powered search and recommendations.
  • Customers prefer to self-serve and when done effectively you can increase case deflection, expect fewer calls into your contact centre and see an overall reduction in support operations costs.
  • In the era of the experience economy, agents are being repositioned to focus on the more complex and emotive customer interactions as virtual assistance and automation absorb the remainder.
  • AI is a dynamic set of technologies innovating rapidly. This means deployments need to be agile so that ROI is extracted before the next wave of functionality arrives.
  • Now more than ever organisations should be ramping up their CX transformation plans

PRESENTER: MARTIN HILL-WILSON (Emotive CX Mentor & AI Engagement Strategist)

Martin is a Customer Service, CX & AI Engagement strategist and facilitator. He provides keynotes, masterclasses and transformation frameworks on omni-channel contact strategy, customer based quality management, emotive CX for Customer Interaction and AI driven customer service.


BONUS: The first 30 registrations will receive 2 LARGE PIZZAS. Applicable anywhere in the UK.

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