On-Demand Webinar

Coveo Demo Derby & Partner Demo Enablement - Workplace

Duration: 60 minutes

Presented By:

Michelle Mourani

Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships at Coveo

Coco Deng-Kral

Sales Engineer - Coveo

Kiley Pratt

Product Manager at Coveo

This educational, fun, and interactive series will help you to understand and leverage the key elements of Coveo to deliver a fantastic demo. 

August's event featured a Demo Derby competition followed by coaching on the 5 necessary points to cover in a Workplace demo.

Key Takeaways 

  1. Be the first to experience our new Financial Services Demo
  2. Learn how to create, prepare, and present a Coveo demo for workplace and employee solutions
  3. Leverage Coveo's AI to bring experience intelligence into your client's intranets, HR portals, and product intelligence

August’s Coveo Experts

  • Kiley Pratt, Product Manager, Workplace
  • Coco Deng-Kral - Sales Engineer
  • Michelle Mourani - Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships, AMER 

Register for the Series here, to take advantage of demo coaching for Coveo solutions across Service, B2B Commerce, Workplace, and more

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