On-Demand Webinar

Delivering Personalized Shopping Experiences With Limited Data

Duration: 20 min

Presented by:

Ciro Greco

Director of Artificial Intelligence


Etail giants run on massive amounts of data and millions of recurring shoppers to deliver the personalized experiences that are now the expected norm. Yet most shoppers do not log into ecommerce sites, and up to 90% return less than 3 times a year. 

So how can you personalize without the benefit of perfect data? A clue lies in leveraging applied AI and product embeddings to determine a shopper’s intent early in the shopping journey to quickly tailor accordingly.

In this session, Ciro Greco, Director of Artificial Intelligence at Coveo, will explain:

  • Why personalization is so important, and why it’s so hard to achieve
  • How AI maps your data and enables you to detect shoppers’ intents with clicks only, without needing any personal data or purchase history
  • How to leverage each shopper interaction to create relevant and personalized experiences at scale
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