Decoding AI:

How to Harness AI in Practical Support Scenarios

Duration: 30 min

Presented by:

John Ragsdale

VP of Research, Technology and Social


Laurent Simoneau

Founder, President and CTO

Laurent Simoneau is co-founder, President, and Chief Technology Officer of Coveo, a position he has held since 2011. Mr. Simoneau served as Chief Executive Officer of Coveo from its incorporation in 2004 until 2011. Prior to Coveo, Mr. Simoneau was Chief Technology Officer of Copernic, an early leader in desktop search, where he oversaw Copernic’s product strategy and directed the research and development of core technologies. Mr. Simoneau also served as Chief Operating Officer at Copernic during which he successfully orchestrated the spin-off of Copernic’s enterprise search software division in 2005 into what is now Coveo. Mr. Simoneau holds a Master of Business Administration from the Université du Québec. Mr. Simoneau serves on the board of directors of Qohash Inc., a data security software development company.

As support centers embrace the growing shift to self-service, and customer expectations for personalized interactions skyrocket, the ability to deliver relevant support experiences at scale has become business critical. Support leaders must turn to practical applications of AI as part of their self-service and assisted service strategies to achieve more efficient and tailored support delivery— without sacrificing the customer experience.

In this webinar, we’ll walk through practical, real life examples of how leading support organizations are successfully leveraging AI and machine learning to transform their support operations. Watch this webinar replay to get guidance on:

  • Which areas to focus on when it comes to implementing machine learning (ML) within your support strategy
  • How to assess your support organization’s need for AI based on the current maturity of your support delivery
  • How to evaluate the potential ROI of AI