Coveo Demo Derby & Partner Demo Enablement - B2B Commerce

1 PM ET / 10 AM PT | 60 minutes

Join us for 2020’s hottest, digital, summer event, Coveo’s Demo Enablement series! This educational, fun, and interactive series will help you to understand and leverage the key elements of Coveo to deliver a fantastic demo.

July's event will feature a Demo Derby competition followed by coaching on the 5 necessary points to cover in a B2B Commerce demo.

Key Takeaways

  1. See 3 different approaches to a Coveo demo in our Demo Derby
  2. Learn how to create, prepare, and present a Coveo demo for B2B Commerce solutions
  3. Leverage Coveo's AI to bring experience intelligence into your client's B2B storefronts, equipping them to compete against the largest B2B eCommerce companies

About the Demo Derby

Contestants will have 5 minutes to demo their Coveo pitch in front of a live, webinar audience. Participants and a panelist of judges will vote for the best pitch. The winners will receive trophies, prizes, eternal admiration and bragging rights.

Demo Enablement

Following the Derby, Coveo Product Managers will provide enablement materials and coaching for all participants. Don't miss this opportunity to make your Coveo pitches more crisp, clear, and inspiring!

July's Coveo Experts

  • Max Martin - Product Manager, Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce
  • Coco Deng-Kral - Sales Engineer
  • Michelle Mourani - Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships, AMER
  • Appearance from some special guests!

Register for the series to take advantage of demo coaching for Coveo solutions across Service, Commerce, Workplace and more!

Upcoming Topics
  • July 15: B2B Commerce Coaching
  • Aug 19: Workplace Coaching
  • Sep 16: Deep Dive on Analytics
  • Oct 21: Coveo for Commerce Coaching
  • Nov 18: Demos that are Merry & Bright (with special guests)

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Excited to see you there!

Note: This will be a recorded event, some content might be repurposed and reused by Coveo for future projects.

Presented By:

Coco Deng-Kral

Sales Engineer - Coveo

Michelle Mourani

Head of Salesforce SI Partnerships at Coveo

Maxime Martin

Product Manager at Coveo