Coveo Academy Accelerator Learning Series:

Measuring Self-Service Success

Self-Service is Driven by Relevance


Lipika Brahma

Customer Success Architect

Rosalie Girard

Business Consultant - Value Engineering


You need to understand how to adapt, scale and serve your customers across multiple, digital channels and you know that the self-service experience is critical to your company's continued growth.  

Join us for this introduction to our latest Coveo Accelerator: Self Service Success where you will learn how to lean hard on data and analytics to proactively solve for what customers need before they know they need it.

Watch this 30-minute learning session where we’ll introduce you to the concepts and strategies you need to measure self-service success like:

  • The cost savings from streamlining your service experience
  • Measuring self-service success, case deflection and community engagement
  • How their experiences contributes to business outcomes