Learning Series

Cloud Conversion: Your Roadmap to Relevance

Effie Ladovrechis

Customer Retention Executive at Coveo

Vincent Bernard

Solution Architect at Coveo

With thousands of Coveo cloud implementations, we know what’s possible when you can easily index content from multiple sources, crunch loads of data and bring people to the right content sooner.

Why Now? 
At the end of 2021, support for your on-premises Coveo solution ends. Businesses need to be able to adjust to unpredictability and ever-changing priorities from internal stakeholders and external audiences. It can be hard to make progress with any new initiative like this. These Coveo customers answer the question, why now?

What's in it for me?
You already have Coveo but your on-premises solution has a limited amount of functionality compared to what’s possible with the Coveo Relevance CloudTM. It's time to look at ‘Search’ as a strategic to your vision of delivering relevant experiences across their enterprise.

The time to start your migration to a cloud-based Coveo solution is NOW. Watch part two of this 3-part series to learn from the team that will help you make your move to the cloud..

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