AI Within Salesforce Series - Part 2

Delivering Next-level B2B Buying Experiences

Duration: 34:21

Personalized Commerce

Amazon, Google and Netflix have shown us what’s possible from digital experiences. But disjointed channels, siloed information, and ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ experiences are still all-too-common among service, sales and commerce operations.

Learn and see how digital experience leaders are leveraging AI to deliver interactions that anticipate customer needs and make personalized, contextual and proactive recommendations inside various Salesforce Clouds - and the business benefits they are reaping.

From automation to relevance, you'll learn how you can combine Salesforce Einstein and Coveo AI to enhance your digital experiences.

When it comes to commerce experiences, B2B buyers have expectations, too. In this webinar, you'll learn how AI is taking B2B shopping experiences to the next level through personalized product and content recommendations.