On-Demand Webinar

Accelerating Multi-Channel Success: Why Relevance is the Answer

Duration: 30 min

Presented by:

Bonnie Chase

Director, Product Marketing at Coveo

There are many areas where support leaders are investing to make their omni-channel support more effective: chatbots, live chat, mobile, and more. But just making those channels available doesn’t necessarily mean they will be effective. Relevance is about delivering the right information to a customer, based on who they are, what they have done before, and what has made others like them successful. It’s the holy grail of digital support.

Learn how 8x8 is injecting relevance in every touch point across channels to offer the contextual and tailored experience customers expect. You’ll come out with proven practices and technologies to reinvent your support experience, increase self-service adoption and boost case deflection.

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