On-Demand Webinar

4 Strategies to Move the Needle on Self Service Success

Duration: 40 min

Laurel Poertner

Head of Training Services at Coveo

97% of customer support leaders plan to invest in their self-service strategy this year, according to the TSIA. When it comes to making customer support effortless, efficient and intelligent, what are the key areas where changes and investment are needed?

Watch the webinar by Laurel Poertner, Coveo's Head of Training Services, certified KCS trainer and past support and KM leader, as she highlights the best practices to really move the needle on the customer experience and your key support metrics by:

  • Reducing effort for your customers
  • Improving self-service success and case deflection
  • Creating a virtuous cycle of improvement within your support organization
  • Leveraging your company’s collective knowledge

You’ll walk away with next steps for creating a vision for intelligent customer support in your organization, and key elements to integrate in your support strategy.