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Coveo Machine Learning Explained

Just imagine being able to give your customers, partners and employees the best answers and the most relevant content every time. What if you could personalize their digital experiences with less effort than ever before?

Meet Coveo, the self-learning technology in the Coveo platform that makes intelligent search even smarter. It continuously analyzes your visitors’ click stream data and behavior patterns captured by search usage analytics, then accurately serves up the content that is most likely to drive conversions and ensure self-service success.

In other words, Coveo learns which content delivers the best outcomes and then automatically tunes search results to ensure the right content always rises to the top – without any manual effort on your part.

Think of it as having a built-in concierge that intuitively knows what your visitors are looking for. It makes intelligent recommendations based on a deep understanding of what has worked best for others.

Coveo understands your visitors’ intent. It auto-completes search terms, provides relevant related search suggestions, and even recommends complementary content they hadn’t originally sought out.

The benefits are clear. Better engagement, more self-service, and higher case deflection combine to reduce customer effort.

Harness the power of Coveo self-learning capabilities today and start delighting your customers and colleagues with the most relevant information, every time.

Coveo – Intelligence. Everywhere.

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