Video Case Study

Powering the Customer Journey at F5

Duration: 3:50

Ron Runyon is the Vice President of Service Delivery at F5, which “gives the world’s largest businesses, service providers, governments, and consumer brands the freedom to securely deliver every app, anywhere—with confidence. F5 delivers cloud and security application services that enable organizations to embrace the infrastructure they choose without sacrificing speed and control.”

In his role, he is reimagining the customer experience and the customer support journey of F5 Networks’s customers as the company transitions to a subscription-based business model. The company’s digital strategy is now mission-critical for their customer experience - and the team chose Coveo to partner with them to accomplish their goals.

Implementing Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations enabled F5 Networks to provide personalized and relevant interactions at every step of the customer journey, from marketing sites to support agents. The content and interactions of the F5 Networks customer experience are now unified and personalized to meet every customers’ exact needs.

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