Site Search Personalization in Sitecore Toolkit

Your website visitors expect personalized and relevant content in order to convert. Manually creating these experiences becomes challenging as your audience and visitor base grows.

Forward-thinking marketers are investing in a flexible and self-learning solution to meet their visitors’ needs: site search. AI-powered site search will automatically understand your visitors’ intent and use their online behavior data to create the exact personalized and relevant experience they need - automatically.

Download this toolkit, which includes Coveo’s most comprehensive resources on personalized marketing, to discover:

  • How to use site search to optimize the delivery of personalized experiences within Sitecore
  • The real value that other marketing leaders have seen from optimizing site search in Sitecore
  • The 4 key steps and action plan you need to take to start meeting customers’ expectations for site search

  • Ebook

    Simplifying Personalization in Sitecore xDB

    As the expectation for personalized and relevant content grows, marketers will see their website quickly fall behind their competitors’ - along with their revenue. Find out how site search and machine learning can help you quickly personalize with xDB.

  • Checklist

    The Roadmap to Mastering Your Micro-Moments to Build Your Customer Journeys

    Don’t fall behind your customers’ expectations for personalized digital experiences. The linear and predictable customer journey needs to include the “micro-moments” of engagement when your customers are making decisions. Increase your conversion rate by building your customer journey to capitalize on the micro-moment.