The Forrester Wave™:
Cognitive Search

Inform your purchasing decisions for cognitive search. Learn which providers are leading in AI, GenAI & LLM technology. Understand how these technologies are transforming knowledge management across countless industries.

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This report will help you:

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    Use key findings to inform how you deploy AI search & LLMs strategically across your tech stack
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    Compare the strengths and cautions for the top 14 vendors in this space (like knowledge discovery, user context & connectors)
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    Understand how providers are revolutionizing search, turning results into consumable knowledge to empower enterprises
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    Find out where Coveo fits in as an AI search and generative experience provider

What is the Forrester Wave?

What is the Forrester Wave?

According to Forrester, “the cognitive search market has seen a surge in interest this past year driven by generative AI (genAI). Cognitive search platforms are one of the few places where the technologies that underlie genAI applications, such as large language models (LLMs) and vector databases, were being used and deployed prior to the release of ChatGPT.”1

At Coveo, we believe that cognitive search and generative AI solutions are key in delivering the most valuable insights to customers and employees alike.

1 The Forrester Wave™: Cognitive Search Platforms, Q4 2023
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