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Build Better Search Experiences on Community Cloud

Let’s face it – the out-of-the-box search in Community Cloud and App Cloud rarely delivers the user-friendly, intuitive search experiences we see each day with Netflix, Amazon and Google.

But here’s the reality.

Building AI-powered search capabilities really isn’t as hard as it looks. Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can leverage the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition to create a personalized, proactive and appealing search interface for your users. Here’s what’s in the box:

  • A unified result list from all your Salesforce objects - no more separate results buckets!
  • Customizable result templates that allow you to add multimedia thumbnails and create different layouts based on the type of content to make your brand come alive
  • AI capabilities that learn from your users’ behaviors to continuously tune relevance. Your users get the best answers - and you don’t have to do anything
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Build Better Search Experiences on Community Cloud

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