17 Elements of a Product Recommendation Strategy

How to build an effective product recommendation strategy

How to build an effective product recommendation strategy

  • Offer context-based recommendations. These suggestions are based on your products' attributes, your customer's context, observed trends, and other visitors' behavior — such as best seller, trending, new, or top rated products.
  • Suggest products based on your business goals. This means recommending products that help you generate profit, clear expiring inventory, or satisfy supplier relationships — through products on sale, curated, or sponsored.
  • Recommend products based on your customer's profile. Help your shoppers easily find a recently viewed or purchased product by suggesting to buy it again — and increase customer loyalty.
  • Give product-based recommendations. Help your shoppers make more informed decisions and increase your sales by suggesting complementary, gradient, or similar products.
  • Offer content recommendations. When you provide helpful content to your visitors — through “how to” guides, blogs, videos, or recipes — , they'll be more likely to make a purchase. Inspire them, facilitate their purchases, and offer customer support through content recommendations.

Your turn to create an effective product recommendation strategy for your ecommerce platform.

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