Guide to Mastering Intelligent Customer Service

See how businesses are leveraging artificial intelligence and capitalizing on their service experiences in the age of the empowered customer.

Guide to Mastering Intelligent Customer Service

  • 40% Increase in case deflections
  • 2x Increase in search depth

Customers prefer to self-serve and you will too

With 93% of customers stating that they lose brand loyalty when involved in an instance of poor service, companies are being held accountable for their ability to deliver relevant outcomes. Consumers want access to information independently and conveniently, making self-service the only sustainable option for any company looking to maintain relevance in the digital age.

The cost of forgoing online self service

The good news is that self-service is dramatically more cost effective than other service channels, both in cost per resolution, and because it reduces the overall caseload on contact centers. According to TSIA, phone and email support are each well over 100x more expensive per incident than web self-service, while chat costs are over 30x more.

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