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Unlocking the knowledge and information hidden in Slack

With Slack at the center of your organization, collaboration between colleagues and teams has undoubtedly become more agile. However, widespread Slack usage has created silos of conversation, documentation and knowledge—which inevitably causes the complete opposite of what the platform is supposed to do.

And the stats are startling. Did you know 60% of employees have to search within four or more platforms on a daily basis to get their jobs done? Each work actually spend 3.5 hours per day trying to find the critical data they need.

But there is a better way. With this new ebook, learn how Coveo’s AI-powered Slack Connector can:

  • Make relevant data, previously locked up in Slack, more easily accessible to teams of all types
  • Increase information discoverability across Slack channels and personalizes search results according to user intent and needs
  • Promote more effective collaboration between teams
  • Enable faster and contextual employee self-service

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