Studio build ecommerce strategy around the customer with a focus on relevant experiences.

At a glance

  • 32x ROI on investment
  • 2 Million+ customers per year
  • 40,000 items online

Using AI to understand the customer and creating seamless experiences is critical to Studios ecommerce strategy

The ecommerce team is able to boost revenue per visitor and conversion rates through a focus on experiences driven by the behavior of onsite visitors. Whether they are new to the brand or long-term VIPs, Studio are able to tailor the user journey with the most relevant and timely personalization strategies including social proof, product recommendations and abandonment recovery.

Coveo enables our team to deploy a wide array of experiences without the requirement to use developer resources every time. Once set up, we can enable our business users to create experiences with a simple to use workflow that doesn’t break any code!

Danny Short
CRO Executive

Uncover how your business can leverage AI technology in order to better serve each customer at every step of their online journey

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