Driving 2.4% increase in revenue and 114% increase in product recommendation CTRs.

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  • 1988 Founded
  • 3 million active customers
  • 20+ Countries
  • 150+ brands stocked

Product recommendations to customers on site is critical to Mandm Direct’s ecommerce strategy

The ecommerce team is consistently pushing the boundaries of how retailers can leverage disparate sources of data to positively change the customer experiences for their onsite visitors. As a result, they are demonstrably impacting the bottom line and revenue of the business.

Coveo has been a technology that has underpinned our online customer experiences for over 7 years. The Coveo team is continually building products that enable us to leverage our data and curate more relevant user journeys. Through a combination of technology and services our partnership is critical to the success of our online operation.

Paul Allen
Head of E-commerce

Uncover some recommendation techniques and strategies your company can implement in order to uplift both revenue per visit and conversion rate

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