Social proof strategies single-handedly drive 11X ROI for Kurt Geiger

At a glance

  • 1963 Founded
  • 70+ stores worldwide
  • +4 million shoes sold each year

Personalization is critical to Kurt Geiger’s ecommerce strategy

Since 2019, their ecommerce team has been partnering with Coveo-Qubit to expand its global customer base through best practice social proof and urgency tactics, delivered across the on-site journey and impacting millions of visitors. Ultimately, they achieved 11x ROI from social proof experiences alone.

With Coveo-Qubit, we’re able to provide more relevant on-site journeys to our customers through easily deployable, yet highly impactful personalization strategies and tactics.

Gareth Rees-John
Chief Digital Officer, Kurt Geiger

Uncover some best practice personalization strategies that can make a difference for your business

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