Hobbs creates seamless online customer journeys with Coveo personalization technology

At a glance

  • 1981 Founded, launched an online store in 2008
  • 1000+ products
  • 50+ countries served

Personalization and top of the line online experiences are critical to Hobbs ecommerce strategy

The Hobbs team has been partnering with Coveo to understand their customers, both new and returning, with proven strategies like social proof, product badging and product recommendations. The Hobbs ecommerce team has the flexibility to deploy these experiences, as well as others, throughout the site and when it best makes sense to do so with their customers.

Personalization is now a key differentiator in our online strategy. Our customers have discerning taste and require the online experience to be on a par with one they might expect in-store. By providing relevant context throughout each journey we’re able to consistently raise the experience bar.

Libby Cross
Head of Ecommerce

Uncover some highly effective strategies that are driving growth and uplifting revenue per visit

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