Gala Bingo build seamless customer experiences with Coveo.

At a glance

  • 2006 Founded
  • £42mil in prizes each week
  • EGR Innovation Award for personalization program

A consistent and seamless customer journey is critical to Gala Bingo’s ecommerce strategy

The Gala Bingo team uses Coveo to keep ahead of the competition and differentiate the gaming experience their players have online. The personalizations built with Coveo leverage industry-leading capabilities.

Access to data and the ability to derive insights from that data to personalize is integral for the Ladbrokes Coral Group. We need to understand behavior and intent in real-time so that the experiences we deploy truly resonate. Coveo enable us to leverage real-time data and curate tailored user journeys.

Anna Venturas
Head of Customer Experience + Analytics

Uncover some of the ways Gala Bingo optimized their customer journey and uplifted their turnover, deposit success and NGR

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