Make your ecommerce even more intelligent and personal. Qubit is now part of Coveo 🎉

Qubit has joined Coveo, the AI Relevance Platform, to accelerate your ecommerce innovation with intelligent search, recommendations and next-level personalization.

Tailoring millions of interactions for innovative brands worldwide

All the power. Easy to use.

All the power. Easy to use.

By collaborating with real ecommerce teams we've built the next-gen personalization tool.
No code. No clunkiness.

Boost your Revenue per Visit by 15% with Qubit + Coveo

Deliver relevant ecommerce search, recommendations,​ and personalization that drive profitable growth.

  • 1:1 Personalization
    Increase customer loyalty and repeat purchases with personalized customer experiences. Coveo’s machine learning models use real-time and historic customer data to create dynamic and custom journeys for each shopper.
  • badging
    Product Badging
    Boost your revenue with real-time, adaptive product badging that helps guide your shoppers’ product discovery. Coveo enables merchandisers to experiment with any combination of tactics from social proofing to scarcity and urgency badging.
  • Product Recommendations
    Boost your average order value with highly relevant and personalized product recommendations for new and anonymous shoppers. With Coveo merchandisers can tap into the power of AI while easily configuring for business objectives.
  • Merchandising
    Realize the true potential of your site experience with Coveo’s Merchandising Hub. Empower your team to drive innovation with an intuitive and powerful business interface so they can experiment and focus on high value actions.
  • A/B Testing
    Make data driven decisions and build compelling experiences with controlled experiments that help you understand how your efforts impact key business metrics.
  • Social Proofing
    Social Proofing
    Build credibility using the ‘wisdom of the crowd’ in the form of social proof. Behavioural heuristics drive an average uplift of 3% in conversion rate.


Frequently asked questions

In October 2021, Coveo acquired Qubit, a leader in AI-powered personalization technology for merchandising teams.

We’re excited about Coveo and Qubit joining forces, and hope this FAQ helps answer your most pressing questions.

This acquisition expands the Coveo Relevance CloudTM enabling retailers to drive the best outcomes to:

  • Tap into AI-powered Commerce Search that detects shopper intent and determines individual context, from an industry analyst-recognized leader
  • Equip merchandising teams to shape the shopper journey, from personalized search to product and content recommendations, from guided browsing to product listing pages, all optimized through A/B and Multivariate testing and analytics
  • Engage shoppers across expanding digital touchpoints, from chatbot to mobile applications, from your digital store to marketplaces, all enabled through plug-in UI components, headless API and open commerce support
  • Be relevant across the customer lifecycle with shared personalization across customer self-service, assisted support, and customer communities to drive lifetime value
  • Leverage our combined commerce and retail expertise across Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion, Luxury, Home & Garden, Grocery, Travel & Tourism, as well as Direct-To-Consumer, Business-To-Business, Media, and Financial Services.

This acquisition comes at a perfect time and follows almost two years of retailers and brands striving to pivot and become digital-first.

The acquisition of Qubit is very timely, occurring at a juncture where our customers are under increasing pressure to meet new consumer demands and the solutions - until now - have proven inadequate , and helps Coveo provide the most complete relevance platform, democratizing relevance and breaking down silos while using AI to scale, orchestrate, personalize and activate non-linear customer journeys. This is great news for our customers.

There are four main reasons for this acquisition.

  • This acquisition is part of Coveo’s focus on the growing ecommerce market by helping us scale and expand our expertise for our commerce offering. 
  • Qubit’s technology is complementary to ours and accelerates our product roadmap. 
  • Qubit’s presence in Europe expands our geographical presence in the EU and the UK. 
  • The acquisition expands our customer base with new customers for Coveo in retail, luxury, fashion, hospitality etc.

This acquisition will bring the best of Coveo and Qubit together and will result in an even more complete Relevance Platform. Our offering will now have improved personalization and recommendations for customers and more capabilities to improve conversations rates etc.

The combination of the two companies gets to the heart of what Relevance is fundamentally about: getting the right product in front of the right customer at the right time in the right channel, driving business growth in a measurable way.

Coveo is the Relevance Company and majors in Ecommerce Search, Recommendations and Personalization. Qubit is a leading Personalization Engine loved by their customers which brings deep retail industry capabilities and expertise, including advanced merchandising controls and product badging.

The acquisition will further reinforce Coveo’s ability to personalize every customer touchpoint across the entire journey and will enable customers to do more testing, on more touchpoints, and with greater ease than ever before.

Approximately 90 Qubit employees will be joining Coveo over the coming months, bringing the total number of Coveo employees to more than 750 located around the world.

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