Coveo on Elasticsearch: Enterprise search reimagined

With Coveo on Elasticsearch, you can now use the leading cognitive search platform on top of the most popular open source index for maximum scalability, flexibility and relevance.

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Coveo on Elasticsearch
Coveo on Elasticsearch

Experience the best of both worlds

Coveo can sit on top of your self-hosted or cloud-based instance of Elasticsearch without altering it or taking over. You can reap the benefits of the open source framework, including the scalability and vast developer community, while also being able to leverage the leading relevance capabilities from Coveo.

Coveo on Elastic Search - Best of both worlds

Get up and running in minutes

Coveo on Elasticsearch is designed for rapid configuration and deployment, providing your team with a broad set of features and tools to streamline content connectivity, UI configuration, search analytics & reporting, and centralized administration.

Automatically improve relevance

Coveo on Elasticsearch improves your search results from day one with best in class search relevance out of the box. It automatically tunes results over time, learning from search and navigation activities, without the need for you to manually tweak scoring or ranking rules in the backend.


Elasticsearch is a top consideration for GSA replacements. By being able to layer Coveo on top, our customers can now benefit from the capabilities of the Coveo insight engine while leveraging the scalability, deployment options and community of Elasticsearch. We are excited to offer this as an integral option to our customers who are looking at GSA replacements options.

Michael Cizmar
President & Managing Director

Do cool things

Coveo on Elasticsearch is extendable and customizable with open source projects or your own code. Learn and explore all the cool things that can be done with Coveo on Elasticsearch by visiting our Coveo Labs GitHub page.

Coveo Labs GitHub

Unify all of your content regardless of where it resides

Coveo makes it quick and easy to add content from across your organization to your elasticsearch index with more than 30 pre-built connectors.

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Coveo on Elastic Search - Connectors

Truly enterprise ready

Coveo on Elasticsearch is highly secure and able to scale for the largest use cases, while including all of the support and tools you need to achieve your objectives, including a Customer Success Manager, enterprise support, and a rigorous SLA.

Coveo on Elastic Search - Enterprise Ready

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