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Provide the best information from every source

Bring together all your information, wherever it is stored, to support the complete digital customer journey.

Digital interactions are increasing, but the journey is more disconnected.

Information and data from your users’ digital journeys is fragmented between multiple touchpoints. As the number of technologies, sites and apps increases across the journey, a unified and powerful index is the only way to create the continuous experience we have come to expect and increasingly demand.

“Relevance is the cognitive grail of search...Coveo offers strengths in data connectors, data ingestion intelligence, and tuning."

The Forrester Wave: Cognitive Search, Q2 2019
Forrrester report

Enrich your content to find the best answers.

Coveo’s indexing process automatically enriches content, not only summarizing the words but extracting text from images and PDF files with optical character recognition (OCR). We're even taking it further by using semantic content classification to help identify the relationship between words and concepts in order to deliver the most relevant results possible. 


Unify your index without compromising your processes.

It’s easy to securely crawl on-premises content. The Coveo Crawling Module is administered via the web, but runs from within your network, enabling you to push content securely to the index without opening an inbound port in your firewall.

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