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Sometimes the content you need lives outside Zendesk. With the Coveo integration for Zendesk, knowledge finds you no matter where it’s from. Give your customers a truly effortless experience by indexing external content and knowledge without migrating or importing it.

Expand your self-service possibilities

  • From any source to any channel
    Whether questions come in from Zendesk support channels or others, always point customers to the best answer by unifying your knowledge, data, and journeys.
  • Personalization across platforms
    Recommend content personalized to each user – within Zendesk and outside. Detect intent, tailor content, and empower your customers.
  • More knowledge, more resolutions
    Broader access to knowledge means better potential for case deflection. Our built-in workflow enhances Zendesk’s to recommend case-solving content and optimize for success.

Connect all your insider knowledge

  • No more swivel-chair
    When case-solving content hasn’t been added to Zendesk, Coveo keeps it accessible regardless of format. That way agents don’t have to leave their workspace or tap anyone’s shoulder.
  • Intelligent agent assist
    Display relevant insights and content specific to each case’s context, directly inside Zendesk. With an AI assistant, imagine how efficient your agents can be.
  • 360 line of sight
    Capture and unify signals across all digital channels – every click, swipe, and search. With rich insights, solve cases, measure success, and improve the experience.

Get the service analytics you need

  • Deeper customer insights
    Measure and track self-service success in-product, on-site, and in chatbot conversations. With enhanced search analytics, understand what customers need and the actions they take to find it.
  • Knowledge optimized
    Track knowledge use and optimize content for a better support experience. Easily identify content gaps and areas for improvement. Plus, flag and boost content, so future users can find it faster.
  • Holistic customer support analytics
    View and analyze data from Zendesk and other channels all in one place. Track case deflection and cost savings, or modify our easy-to-use dashboard templates to map out the KPIs that matter most to you.

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