Coveo For Sitecore

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Detailed Features

Machine Learning-Powered Automatic Relevance Tuning
Machine Learning-Powered Query Suggestion
Machine Learning-Powered Recommendation Engine 900K recommendations
Advanced Search Controls
(Filters & Facets, Type-ahead, Synonyms and much more)
Coveo Machine Learning
Dynamic Content Personalization Component
Command Center
Result Ranking Rules in Sitecore
Search Filtering Rules in Sitecore
Sitecore Experience Editor Integration with or without Sitecore Experience Accelerator
Connectivity to Non-Sitecore Sources **
xDB Integration
Coveo Usage Analytics
Hive Framework - SXA Compatible
Sitecore Commerce 8 and 9 Compatible
Full HTML Indexing
RESTful Configuration Services
Push Technology
Document-Level Security
Setup-Free Security
Query Per Month 200K 300K
Index Size 100K 450K
* Valid for three year term subscriptions and are payable annually in advance
**Additional fees may apply

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