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AI-powered search, recommendations, and content discovery.

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Accelerate revenue contribution and sales rep productivity with Coveo for Salesforce inside Sales Cloud

Deliver Content Where Reps Work

You’ve invested time and effort getting sales to use Salesforce. Now let’s keep them there. Reduce the amount of “swivel chair” searching by delivering that perfect piece of collateral directly inside the Sales Cloud. With more than 50 content sources available, your team can locate the best sales presentations, collateral, case studies, or proposals others have found useful.

Proactive Sales Insights at Every Turn

Equip your sales team to succeed with customized rules to search for content based on any Salesforce object such as Opportunity Name, Account, Industry or Region.

For example, working on a late-stage financial services opportunity? Coveo can auto-query for financial industry content across file types and sources to save your sales rep time hunting for the most appropriate content to close the deal.

Tailor the Content with Contextual Stage Recommendations

Different sales stages require different types of content. Take the guesswork out of content discovery by allowing Coveo Machine Learning to serve up the right content at the appropriate moment in the sales stage.

Lightning Ready on Day One

Offer your teams a differentiated user experience with Coveo’s Sales Lightning Console. View the most relevant content to help close the deal and attach the content to the opportunity or account record for future reference. Install from the Salesforce AppExchange.

Sales and Partner Enablement Communities

Launch internal sales and partner communities so teams can quickly and effortlessly find collateral, presentations, price sheets, and case studies regardless of where the data resides. With Coveo Usage Analytics, Sales Operations can understand which content the field finds useful. And dashboards will notify managers of which content sales is searching for but not finding to help improve future content strategy.

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