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Coveo for AppDirect is the commerce conversion engine driving the next era of frictionless marketplaces. Harnessing the power of Machine Learning to automatically understand each shopper’s intent, Coveo improves catalog discovery and delivers more relevant personalized app recommendations to your customers, while maximizing conversion rates.

Advanced AI-Powered search

Results are improved and more relevant to each individual from the built-in AI-powered search experience, including dynamic facet management, query suggestions, and more.

Personalized recommendations

App recommendations are tailored to your customers intent, based on insights gathered from across the customer journey such as previous purchases, past searches, categories of interest, complementary apps, pricing, and overall popularity.

Understand what drives success

Usage analytics allows you to quickly identify trends, understand user behaviors, run A/B tests, and measure KPIs to help determine the best strategy for driving more conversions from your AppDirect marketplace apps and content.
Usage Analytics

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