Product Updates Q3-Q4 2022

New in Coveo

Check out our latest enhancements, including two quick ways to migrate configurations from Sandbox to live environments, our easy to use low code search page builder and merchandise product badging for ecommerce shops.

New in Coveo

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Dive deeper into what Coveo can do. See how all the latest features and enhancements connect your customers and employees to great, relevant content at every stage of their journey.

New in Coveo 2022 Q1

New in Coveo 2022 Q1

Coveo Relevance Cloud™

Migrating Sandbox Configurations (Low code / Pro code)

Migrating your site configurations has never been easier. Coveo now provides two quick ways to migrate configurations from Sandbox to live environments. Option 1: Simplified two-click manual migration within the sandbox. Option 2: Automated migration using the resource snapshot feature with Coveo CLI.

Snowflake Analytics Integration

This new integration removes the manual work of exporting data and provides real time access to Coveo Analytics, to help build better content and customer journeys.

Machine Learning and Business Rules

Smart Snippets in HIPPA

Coveo’s Smart Snippets are officially HIPAA-compliant. Our Smart Snippet models provide users with answers to their queries directly on the results page by displaying a snippet of the most relevant result item without having to open links from the results page.

ML and Query Pipeline Association

The new improved UI in both the Query Pipeline and Model pages provide quick link access to ensure you always have query pipelines associated with a ML model and vice versa. That way ML models are created and properly associated, to learn from data being collected.

Learn about what’s new in Coveo for Service and Workplace in Spring ‘22

Connectivity and Discovery

Intelligent Facet Generator

Customers are now able to automatically showcase the most relevant filtering options to their shoppers, instead of only showing them generic facets. This feature is best used for ecommerce stores with a large and varied catalog to provide a better shopping experience.

Cloud Database and Crawling module RestAPI sources

Our out-of-box indexing options have expanded even further. You can now quickly index your SQL database with our Cloud database connector and index any on-premises data behind a REST interface with our Crawling Module.

Source Permission Level Configurations

The new UI allows customers to easily configure content security levels to allow source content to be searchable for specific users or groups without the need for coding.

Learn about what’s new in Coveo for Service and Workplace in Spring ‘22

Check out our past product updates

  • Ecommerce Kit Spring 2022
    Our ‘22 Spring Ecommerce Kit explores capabilities like creating audience-based personalized recommendations, ranking products according to customer intent, embracing headless capabilities and so much more.
  • Service and Workplace Kit Spring 2022
    Our ‘22 Spring launch for Service and Workplace explores capabilities like building search pages with Salesforce Lightning Web Components with Coveo’s Quantic library, our new Slack application and updated Chrome extension and so much more.
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