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Type: System Integrator
Company size: 50
Experience: Partner since 2019

At Voonyx, our solutions become standard.

Our ultimate goal is to ensure the long-term business success of our clients. We are known for our leading expertise, exceptional responsiveness, diverse resources, proven track record and knowledge of all leading technologies.

IT and businesses need to speak the same language in order to properly communicate and work in unison. Voonyx acts as an interface that enables this relationship by designing innovative software packages, specific architectures and customized development.

We offer our clients only the best software engineering experts. Our specialists not only excel in architecture, development and Web integration; they also master the integration of Coveo solutions. The Voonyx approach is simple, efficient and comprehensive, ranging from management to implementation. We support our customers every step of the way to ensure their projects’ overall success.

In collaboration with Coveo, the Voonyx team provides strong added value to business transformation projects by developing strategies aligned with customer objectives and technological trends.

In summary, Voonyx is an exceptional team of Web experts that provides high-quality services, and generates timely, impactful results.

Service Specializations

Website,Site search,Knowledge management intelligence

Technology Integrations

Java, Spring, Angular, ReactJS, SOA


Quebec City (QC)

Voonyx Être Voonyx, c'est faire partie de la crème de la crème!

Voonyx Être Voonyx, c'est faire partie de la crème de la crème!

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