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Shift7 Digital

Type: System Integrator
Company size: 130
Experience: Partner since 2021
Shift7 Digital is revolutionizing the digital experience for manufacturers and their customers. Backed by a team of experts with deep industry insights, Shift7 truly understands the challenges and opportunities facing the B2B market today and delivers a customized, yet prescriptive process for partnering with companies as they evolve from a product-centric to a customer-centric approach. Shift7 is modernizing manufacturing to help businesses transform through digital marketing to drive connections, commerce and revenue.

Service Specializations

Ecommerce, Dealer Portals, Site search

Technology Integrations

Web Content Management (WCM), eCommerce, Experience Design, Digital Strategy, Digital Marketing, Web Optimization and Analytics Services, Systems Integration, Digital Asset Management, Product Information Management, User Experience, B2B eCommerce, and B2B Digital Marketing


New York City (NY), Chicago (IL), Washington (DC)

About Shift7 Digital

About Shift7 Digital

B2B Commerce projects are complex, especially for manufacturers that have their own unique needs and industry requirements. Customization often comes with lengthy timelines and high costs, but launching with Shift7 Rocket allows you to leave those headaches behind.

Our 3 month program takes Salesforce B2B Commerce on Lightning Experience and adds pre-built modules we specifically designed with manufacturers and distributors in mind. The result is a prescriptive program that fits your needs and gives you the power to decide faster, launch faster, reduce costs and increase certainty.

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