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Type: System Integrator
Company size: 40
Experience: Partner since 2016

iMedia is a strategic digital agency. We enable leading digital experiences. We’re the ultimate combination of branding and technology experts, shifting with the market as consumers demand a deeper connection with brands. We carefully design solutions that turn complex business challenges into expansion opportunities.

As content ripples on a global scale, we create and nurture thriving digital ecosystems.

With more than 25 years of digital marketing and online experience, we specialize in everything from concepting brand strategy to post launch support. We're a full-service consultancy of talented designers, resourceful engineers, crafty marketers, and dedicated managers. Our open office space has led to proven success through collaborating innovative ideas to help increase our clients' brand awareness, customer engagement, and project productivity.

Service Specializations

Website,Ecommerce,Intranet Portals


Boonton (NJ)
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