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DSS Partners

Type: System Integrator
Company size: 100
Experience: Partner since 2019

We have successfully grown our client’s business via best in class User-Centric Commerce solutions. We have transformed our client’s businesses by implementing capabilities that simplify ordering, support sales teams and bring innovative self service features.

DSS Partners stands out from their competition by providing a tailored service that helps retailers, distributors and manufacturers grow profitable online and multichannel businesses by offering a combination of best practices, innovative software, such as Coveo.

The challenge facing retailers, distributors and manufacturers today is how to maximize growth and revenue while reducing costs in a competitive market. After exhaustive research we chose Coveo as game changing solution that enables our customers' success. Our Digital platform experience includes Intershop, Adobe/Magento, Oracle Commerce Cloud and SAP CX/hybris.

Our dedication to our clients is why we have been successful and continue to build our business on our reputation.

Service Specializations

Endeca Replacement,Ecommerce,Website,Site search, Dealer Portals, Customer Self-Service, Service, Communities, Website,Intranet Portals

Technology Integrations

Intershop, Adobe, AEM, Magento, Oracle Commerce Cloud, SAP CX, hybris, Endeca, Solar, ATG, Dynamics, Prophet 21, SAGE, SAP, Oracle ERP, Bazar voice, power reviews, Imperva WAF, Imperva CDN

Digital Transformation of

Digital Transformation of

DSS Partners' assisted Highline Aftermarket to provide a digital transformation of their business, the #1 Quick Lube Supplier in the Nation, so they would have an "Amazon-like" shopping experience and access to the industry's broadest assortment of over 4,000 items. DSS Partners is currently working on the integration of Coveo with Service Champ's eCommerce platform, Intershop.
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