Impact 2020 Frequently Asked Questions

What is Coveo Impact?

Coveo Impact is the annual Coveo customer community event.

Impact is where the people who use Coveo every day to help their businesses grow faster, improve customer satisfaction, and make employees more proficient get together to learn, connect & be inspired to take the relevance of their digital experiences to the next level.

Impact brings together an interesting and diverse group of Coveo admins, developers, and industry practitioners – including many who are at the very top of their game – all of whom are on the same journey to bring more relevance to their company’s digital experiences.

Impact offers an unmatched opportunity for learning, networking and sharing new ways to make business personal.

Do I need to be a Coveo customer?

Nope - not at all! The content is designed to help every digital, IT, marketing and customer experience leader, whether they have purchased Coveo or not. The COVID-19 outbreak will have a seismic impact on every digital strategy and we’re creating a platform for our community to help each other navigate these changes. Expect to hear best practices from some of the world’s most admired companies on topics like designing a scalable self-service strategy to reduce call volume at the contact center or designing relevant buying experiences to increase basket size in B2C Commerce.

Do I have to pay for Impact+?

Nope. It’s all free. We’re here to help our community get through this, and want to encourage best practices and knowledge sharing as much as possible.

Do I need to subscribe to Impact+?

No, you don’t need to, but you should. Why? You’ll be the first to know about new content and we can provide more personalized recommendations to you after knowing more about your interests.