User Experience (UX)

User experience encompasses how a user interacts with your website, product, or service, their perception of it, and their resulting emotions.

What metrics are used to measure user experience?

The three most commonly used categories to measure user experience are:

  • Usability: Time on task, task success, perceived success, confusion moments, cue recognition, menu, and navigation use.

  • Engagement: Attention minutes, happiness rating, flow state, total time reading, first impression, categories explored

  • Conversions: Micro-conversion count, brand attribute, conversion rate, likelihood to recommend, trust rating, likelihood to take action.

How does personalization impact user experience?

Consumers want to do business with brands that understand them. That means providing a personalized user experience that delivers relevant content as your visitors navigate your website or app. Things like predictive search, custom product recommendations, and full-funnel personalization go a long way in building strong relationships with your users. To see how Coveo’s ecommerce personalization technology can help you provide a better user experience to your customers, click here.

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