Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

Relative to personalization, revenue per visitor (RPV) reports the average amount of money generated for each visitor who saw an experience.

How can I calculate RPV?

The software you use for personalization or testing should do the math for you. Just look for a column labeled “Revenue Per Visitor,” “Revenue Per Unique Page View,” or “Earnings / Pageview.” The math is pretty simple:

Total Revenue ÷ Unique Visitors = Revenue Per Visitor

Why is it important to know my RPV?

Marketing is the foundation of any good business. And the only way to know if your marketing works is by tracking metrics like RPV. Keeping a close eye on this and other revenue-focused metrics helps you adjust your strategy as you grow your brand.

How can I improve my RPV?

You might hear that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to boosting RPV. That’s true, because every brand, industry, and audience is unique. But there are universal psychological triggers you can leverage regardless of what you sell.

    1. Social Proof: Use customer reviews, testimonials, and endorsements on your product pages to help your visitors feel confident in their purchases.
    2. Product Badging: Highlight product attributes, promotions related to the product, or sales messages like “low stock,” “best-seller,” and “special edition” to increase desire for your products.

    3. Limited-Time Offers: Trigger your customer’s fear of missing out by offering a product, discount, or bonus for a limited time.

    4. Loyalty Programs: Incentivize customers to spend more by offering discounts, exclusive products, and free merchandise when they reach specified spending or points thresholds.

    5. Product Recommendations: Use upsells and cross-sells on product pages, when a customer adds an item to their cart, and at the point of purchase to increase their order value.

The most successful eCommerce brands pair the strategies above with personalization. Personalization delivers the right social proof, product badging, and recommendations to each user to maximize conversions and improve RPV. Click here to see how you can leverage personalization for your brand.

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