Multivariate Testing (MVT)

Multivariate testing is like A/B testing, but you test multiple variables simultaneously instead of testing just one variable at a time.

How does multivariate testing work?

Multivariate testing is just as easy to implement as traditional A/B testing. But because there are more variables involved, it takes longer to arrive at a statistically significant result. Within the same test, you could have multiple headline variations, multiple graphics, and multiple layouts receiving data simultaneously.



Is multivariate testing better than A/B testing?

Neither multivariate testing nor A/B testing is better or worse. Multivariate testing will get you a wider spread of data, but it takes longer to collect a significant volume of traffic for each variation. A/B testing is restrictive because you can only test one variable at a time, but it gets results more quickly because traffic is only being split between two variations.

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