Bayesian Testing

Bayesian testing is a new method for interpreting data generated by an A/B test. In contrast to the frequentist approach, which calculates a fixed average, the results of Bayesian testing represent a dynamic distribution.

So what exactly is Bayesian testing?

Bayesian testing takes your data and determines the probability of test results on a bell curve. Without getting too bogged down in the mathematics of it all, this is beneficial for you because it allows you to get the results of your tests much more quickly. And that means you can call your tests with a smaller number of data points than if you were to take the traditional frequentist approach to testing.

Should I use a Bayesian or frequentist approach in my business?

If you have the right technology in place, we recommend using Bayesian testing. You’ll be able to see results much more quickly, which means accelerating important changes to your website or app.

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